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Project Description
The library allows reading and writing FLAC audio data as WAVE data stream. The code is written in managed C# (.NET 3.5 with Parallel Extensions). The library also allows consuming/embedding of the FLAC data directly from/to Ogg stream.

Library Usage
The library's WaveOverFlacStream can be used instead of file stream for playback with SoundPlayer class or DirectX library. The same class can be used to create simple FLAC files from WAVE files. See also FlacOverOggStream class for access FLAC data that encapsulated in Ogg stream.

The Parallel Extensions to .NET Framework 3.5 library is used during encoding (writing) FLAC data to take advantage of dual- or quad-processor systems.

The solution contains the FlacBox.CdRom library for the direct reading of the audio CD data (ripping). The FlacBoxRip application will capture the audio CD data in FLAC, Ogg or WAVE format.

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